Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions
Loft Conversions

loft conversions is one of the cheapest ways of creating extra space in your home. Depending on the size of your loft, they are great for adding bedrooms, bathroom also office space, or just extra rooms etc

There is no doubt that it’s easier and cheaper to extend than it is to move home. If you’ve got some unused loft space. It’s worthwhile thinking about building into it, and creating that extra space your home needs.

From a small terrace house to the largest detached home. We offer high quality loft conversions at unbeatable low prices, meaning customer satisfaction is guaranteed. We ensure that your loft conversion provides a natural extension and new living area to your home at an affordable price.

  • Free Quote.
  • Reliable Workforce.
  • No Deposit
  • 100% bespoke and tailored to your home.
  • Add-ons, like balconies, windows, and skylights.
  • 10 Year Warranty.

Loft Conversions

There are three types of loft conversions. Internal loft conversions, or dormer loft conversions. Also a full removal and rebuild loft conversion that require a full loft rebuild.

Internal loft conversions are usually the cheapest and require a minimum amount of building. These are the most cost effective loft conversion as they only involve converting the existing loft space. Very little alterations to the roof space is needed. Additions can also include windows or skylights set into the existing roof.

Dormer loft conversion

Ad dormer conversion are usually the favorite type of attic conversions because of the extra space they create. Dormer windows are added to increase the size of the roof space to provide standing up height. Dormers can be added to the rear, they can also be added to the sides or front of the house.

A full removal and rebuild loft conversion will give you the best results but is the most expensive. The additional space can be used as an additional bedroom or two. A study also home office, a separate bathroom or a nursery. Or you can consider adding an en-suite or separate dressing room also attached to a master bedroom.

Whatever your loft conversion requirements are. We have the right loft solution for you, we offer a full start to finish solution. For more information also a free quote for a loft conversion please contact the loft conversion team today.

Our local builder services include conservatories installed, home extensions built and garages erected, also new roofing and loft conversions completed. Or new patios and driveways.